Four Winds Candy Mahjong

Four Winds Candy Mahjong 1.01

Candy Winds Mahjong is a candy themed Mahjongg puzzle with a four winds layout
1.01 (See all)

Candy Four Winds Mahjong is a candy themed Mahjongg matching puzzle game with a layout that represents the four winds: Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western. The tile images are replaced with candy icons. You can play in full screen mode or create your own puzzle layouts and play them. Earn coins by completing levels, and use them to buy hints or shuffles in the game.

If you're not familiar the puzzle game Mahjongg, it is a simple matching puzzle game where you are trying to remove all the tiles from the game by matching them up with tiles that have the same image on them. You can pair any two tiles in a match as long the tiles are not blocked on both the left and the right side, and there isn't a tile partially or completely covering the tile from above. When you've paired two tiles up, they are both removed from the game, which can potentially free more tiles for matching. If you don't fully understand which tiles are free to match and which ones are not, in this version of the games the tiles you are not allowed to select are dimmed.

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